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Snow Brush - 48" Crossover Broom Avalanche Blade

Snow Brush - 48" Crossover Broom Avalanche Blade

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SubZero’s ARCTIC-Force™ 48" Crossover Snowbroom solves the toughest problem of snow removal, which is reaching across the windshield. The revolutionary Crossover™ curved pole gives the proper angle of attack needed to remove snow and ice effectively and efficiently, while keeping your hands out of the snow. The patented ARCTIC-Force™ scraper blade includes an offset chipper design that maximizes ice breaking force, uniting with the successful chisel blade. The extendable length, thick rotating broom head, and patented scraper blade make this a great item to get you through the longest winters.

  • Curved pole makes scraping ice and frost from the windshield easier
  • ARCTIC-Force blade features offset side chippers for maximum ice removal
  • Broom head rotates 360° for optimal snow removal
  • Extends from 31"-48" for extra long reach
  • 4" wide chisel blade for frost removal
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